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Around The World

Satu from Quilttales-blog invited me to participate in Around The World Blog Hop. Because I am sometimes quite easily led in this kind of projects, here I am, answering the questions:

1. What am I working on?
Just now I am working on the baby quilt for My First Grandson. He was born in 3th of Semtember and I am very enthusiastic about him. 

I love to make stars so I decided to make a star quilt for him. I chose different greens and turquoises for the quilt. I have EZ Flying Geese ruler what makes the work easy and fast, and I really love that ruler. 

Next part is to make a sandwich. I ordered a very nice fabric for the backing from Signorina’s. It has sweet fairies and bears, and I love it. I’ll use wool as a batting. I also have to decide how I am going to quilt it.

I have some knittings too on the go. Mostly I knit socks and I love to knit them while watching TV. I wanted to renew my sock yarn collection and so I decided to knit all my sock yarns before I will buy new ones. I now have knit 15 pairs of men’s socks and all of those are going to charity to homeless people. 

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
This is a difficult question; I really don’t know does my work differ from others. I have not quilted for many years and I want to learn more about it. I like traditional quilts but also modern ones. 

Now I am not interested about art quilting, I like to make things which I can use: quilts, bags, pouches, placemats etc.

 I admire beautiful art quilts but I think it’s not my genre. Maybe someday I will think differently, but now I have enough to learn about the basics. I love colors, but brown is a very difficult color for me. I have seen very beautiful quilts with lovely brown shades, but I have doubts that I will never learn to use browns. It just isn’t my color. So I have very little brown fabrics and I am very dubious to use those. Instead I love blues, turquoises, greens, violets, lilacs, pinks, reds and yellows. 

3. Why do I write/create what do ?
All crafts are like breathing for me. My hands need something to do and it’s important for me to do something what I can see and touch. I teach teenagers and it’s sometimes difficult to see the results of my work. But when I am quilting or knitting, I can see what I am doing as well as the results. I load my batteries with crafting, it gives me so much pleasure and joy that I think I couldn’t live without it. When my left hand was injured badly six years ago my first question to the surgeon after the long operation was: Can I ever knit? Because of his skillful work I can and I am very grateful for that.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Sometimes it starts from the fabric, sometimes from the colors, sometimes from the models or ideas in the books, magazines or internet. If I am planning to make something to my family or friends, I can think colors or themes which she/he likes. Mostly I have only one work on the go at a time. And I like to get the projects finished before I start a new one. I usually don’t have UFOs in quilting (but I don’t want to talk about UFOs in knitting.) I am quite fast and I don’t like to spend time for planning. That means that I need a seam ripper quite often. I would like to learn to plan and think the options carefully before starting, but maybe I am hopeless with that.

The idea of Around the World Blog Hop is that I should invite readers to visit three other bloggers on next Monday 6th of October. But I found only two bloggers to continue this Blog Hop chain.

So next Monday you meet Tilkunviilaaja and Saija in their blogs answering Blog Hop questions.

Happy Blog Hopping! 

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  1. Mitä jos tikkaisit lapsenlapsen peittoon omia kädenjälkiäsi? Vähän niin kuin halaisi tai pitäisi pikkuista sylissä, vaikka ei olekaan paikalla...

  2. Hi! How nice to hear more about you and your work! I love the colours you use and you choose always great patterns! I used to sew also mostly for what I needed but now with the quilting I have changed and realized that it's 'needed' also when I enjoy the making and it makes me feel good - often important therapy. I'm happy for you to have a reason to sew and knit a lot for the NEW baby! x Teje

  3. Thank you for the invitation! And it was nice to read your entry post for this blog hop!

  4. Mistä muuten hankit villavanua? Olen ajatellut josko jonkun vanhan saalin päällystäis tilkuilla... Ei haittais vaikka olis pari reikääkin, kun ne vois korjata näkymättömiin.

    1. Ostin villavanut ompelevalta ompelukonekauppiaaltani Marjalta Kouvolan Konetikistä. Tietääkseni sitä saa myös Töölön Tilkkupajasta, myös Tilkkutex myy sitä, ehkä muutkin tilkkuilutarvikkeita myyvät liikkeet.


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